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Chipping Hill curriculum statement 2020

House captains curriculum vision

We the children of Chipping Hill want;

To DREAM BIG - at our school we are taught our dreams have no limits.

To BELIEVE - at our school we are taught to believe in ourselves and each other, let no-one tell us we can’t.

To ACHIEVE - at our school we are taught that with the support and dedication of ourselves and school community we ‘can achieve whatever we put our minds to’.

DREAM     -     BELIEVE     -    ACHIEVE

Staff curriculum vision

Our curriculum must be far more than knowledge; it must provide our children with far reaching experiences and opportunities that are diverse, rich, aspirational and cogent which are diminishing in the technological world we currently live. It should spike their interest, provoke curiosity, widen their eyes and point to the future whilst learning from the past. Opportunities must be afforded to children that allow personal challenge and the possibility to question all. They must lead the learning and have scope to breathe in unforced and impassioned learning experiences. Learning must never be confined to the classroom and must promote skill application and a thirst for cerebration – where practical application and the ability to discharge what is learnt within the wider world and as a tool to excel within life.

Our vision for our children and staff

Chipping Hill children will be enabled, adaptable, brave, motivated and resilient – demonstrating equanimity at every turn. They will develop a thirst for learning and a hunger for opportunity. As practitioners we must embolden understanding that struggling leads to success, be dream builders, aspiration fuelers and coves of support and guidance. Together all can be achieved with integrity, honesty and genuine collaboration at the heart.

Autumn 2020- Curriculum Maps

We are currently reviewing our curriculum and as such many of of topics are under review. Below is the most recent version of our Autumn curriculum for 2019 but is subject to possible change based on cohort understanding and needs.

Autumn 2021

Coming soon

Summer 2021- Curriculum Maps

Adapted due to COVID-19

Spring 2021 - Curriculum Maps

Adapted due to COVID-19

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