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Home Learning

During the first National lockdown we provided our children with a range of learning packs, assemblies, curriculum activities, reading support and online learning. All of which can be accessed in the Pupils - Homework section.

Children also have access to DB Primary and Edshed for a virtual learning experience.

Under the latest restrictions which onl allow the children of Critical workers and vulnerable children to attend schools we will be moving to Virtual teaching as a variation of our previous provision. This commences on the 5th January (4th January is an allocated non-pupil day). Links will be posted on class pages for children to access with year group timetables highlighting teaching sequences and links will be posted in the weekly learning section at the bottom of this page.

Below are some useful websites below which should support  home learning and supplement the learning that teachers send home should a child or class need to isolate.

You may also want to call the 'National Home Learning Support Line' also known as StarLine.  This line is open 6 days a week and is staffed by teachers and Ofsted Inspectors who can provide advice about home learning to parents. The helpline is designed to help parents and carers create regular routines and study habits, offering practical steps to take and access to resources, such as support with a specific topic or advice on how to structure the day, deal with difficult behaviour or manage the learning of several children.  The number to call is: 0333 313 9162 (all calls are charged a local rate)

Bubble closure - Year 1

Below is the learning pack for Year 1 between Tuesday 23rd March and Friday 26th March. Paper packs can be collected from the front of the school from 8am on Tuesday 23rd march.

Bubble closure - Year 2

Learning packs for Year two for the days Thursday 25h April until Friday 26th April 

Access to DB Primary for the children is via the login link at the bottom right hand corner of the screen. This logiin tab is always at the bottom right of the school website.


As we find ourselves in this latest national lockdown, I want to assure you that the health and safety of children and young people remains a priority for everyone.   As you know, our school takes safeguarding very seriously and I wanted to inform you of our ongoing arrangements to keep children safe during this period of remote learning.

To ensure we are able to continue to support pupils and families, and as part of our safeguarding arrangements, we will be making regular contact with you during while your child is not in school.  This will be by phone, email and / or home visits.  All children have been allocated a ‘lead worker’ (either SLT member of member of the Inclusion team) and they will be your main point of contact during this time.

Queries or concerns should be raised and discussed with Ceri Jones, Headteacher in the first instance. In his absence Tash Robson (Phase 1 lead), Nancy Summers (Phase 2 lead) or Charlotte Jones (Phase 3 lead). All are deputy designated leads are oversee their phase groups. All have undertaken DSL training.

We understand how worrying it is for you during this time and we will do everything we can to continue to support you.  It is vital that you support us in arrangements going forward and to inform us of any concerns about your child.  Meanwhile, if you need to contact the school, you can do so by requesting a phone call or virtual meeting in the first instance. This can be achieved by emailing or calling the school office requesting a meeting through admin@chippinghill.essex.sch.uk or 01376 512201

Additionally, please refer to the website for resources and support regarding online safety. Within the e-safety tab is advice and guidance to support parents as will as contact details and information pertaining to external agencies.

Keeping your child safe online


Wider curriculum




Physical Education

Weekly learning

All learning packs will be posted on each allocated classroom home page. Slimmed down versions, including weekly timetables and teaching can be accesses on DB primary also.

A significant amount of delivery is completed virtually with children attending live sessions. We ask that is children change their screen name they contact their teacher via email and share the new name, otherwise they may not be admitted. Should a new user name appear all cameras will be shut down by staff and the new name will be asked to turn their camera on and display who they are. Failure to do so will result in removal from the session. Although we only share links directly with parents via email of on the class blog it is important we maintain safeguarding at all times.

Please remember to view historic learning packs, assemblies and activities from the previous lockdown. These can be found in the pupil tab under homework

Learning packs for the week commencing 5th January 2021

Learning packs for the week commencing 11th January

Learning packs for the week commencing 18th January

Learning packs for the week commencing 25th January

Learning packs for the week commencing 1st February

Learning packs for the week commencing 8th February

Learning packs for the week commencing 22nd February

Learning packs for the week commencing 1st March

Weekly Assemblies

Each week assemblies will be posted here for children to watch. Don't forget to check out the other assemblies in the pupils section under homework. Please enjoy.

Links are: 

week 1 : https://youtu.be/i7ObDTEAHQI

week 2 : https://youtu.be/dQpjn5Izuu8

week 3 : https://youtu.be/o5_gn6FfDQA

week 4 : https://youtu.be/XRaUAD_1yEs

week 5: https://youtu.be/xlVE9Vpjm48

Week 6: https://youtu.be/jX4QeBAyvoA

Week 7: https://youtu.be/8MfR81kutd4

Mr Gribbon's home workout

Mr Gribbon has taken himself out of his comfort zone and providing you all with physical challenges. Let's see is you can beat him.

The challenge can be found here: https://youtu.be/zqWh7BgygaY

Good luck!

Virtual learning links

For safeguarding purposes all links to virtual learning will be posted on the class pages within the DB Primary platform.

Due to the projected numbers of children who are expected to access the school as children of Critical workers we may need to adjust links with one teacher delivering learning to all year group children whilst the other reviews learning outcomes and prepares further learning. As such links may be posted on the morning of the set day. Please continue to check the class blog each day.

Please remember that all virtual teaching will be recorded should your child miss the allocated session or wish to listen to the teacher again. This is also to support families with limited IT hardware.

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