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Weekly assemblies and updates

Dear Chipping Hill children,

Each week I will upload a video of an assembly. I hope to share ideas and thoughts with you as I do normally on a Monday. I aim to present them as I would in the hall so forgive me if the quality is not great or my presentation is unusual. As you, I am trying my best in this difficult time but hope that by holding a weekly assembly on line I give you some sort of normality. Take care, I look forward to seeing you soon.

I hope to upload my first assembly this Tuesday and every Tuesday until we return.

Keep safe, remember to try your best when completing your learning and most importantly help your parents as this is as challenging for them as it is for you.

Mr Jones

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Home learning packs and supporting letter

Examples of learning outcomes

Dear parents, below are examples of outcomes that children in each year group are capable of. The examples are pitched around the average attainment for the class. The rationale of sharing these is that there may be some children who are not producing the quality of work at home that they would in school. We understand this is a challenging time but we want to instil in them a desire to do well. This is a tool to support you and them. Please understand that children learn at different levels and as such may be working above or below the examples. All we ask is that they try their best and complete their work to the standard they do at school. More than anything if they become agitated or anxious please allow them to have a break. 

Skylarks & Nightingales

Harriers & Kestrels


Robins & Wrens

Kingfishers & Swifts

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